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The need for innovation, creativity and cultural awareness is more important now than ever to attain success in emerging markets, education and industry. Global Immersion Network Consultants (GINC), LLC is a minority-owned organization focused on providing culturally and linguistically authentic training opportunities, resource analysis, integrated strategies and programming to meet the needs of diverse organizations in a globally demanding society.



To revolutionize learning, language acquisition, leadership development, literacy, and the attainment of advanced workforce skills for a global society.



To promote creative, engaging and inclusive environments within all of our partner organizations that embrace linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity.

How we work

Our areas of expertise include; global education, innovative frameworks and magnet programs design as well as product analysis within corporations

What we value

Our Goals

What we do

  • To understand and address the diverse needs of our partner organizations
  • To create sustainable and customized solutions
  • To provide flexible and responsive services in a timely manner
  • Innovation
  • Strong leadership
  • Languages and cultures are assets
  • Readiness from school to work force
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Diversity
  • Human Capital support
  • Targeted professional development and training
  • Product/program analysis for authentic, cultural and linguistic relevance
  • Data analysis and Progress monitoring of product

Experience, Dedication and Passion

Administrative TEAM

Lucilla Davila

President, Co-founder

Dr. Cecilia Cervantes

CEO, Co-founder

Sharon Lim

Chief Marketing Officer

Management team and team of consultants

Global Immersion Network Consultants, LLC, has a network of diverse and experienced education consultants. Our areas of expertise include; global education, innovative frameworks and magnet programs design as well as product analysis within corporations in areas of linguistics, cultural relevance and progress monitoring metrics. In addition, we assist clients in the development and refinement of key performance indicators (KPI), program analysis and evaluation.  Our systems leadership experience can assist corporations in developing areas of; linguistic design, cultural relevance and cultural competency.

Our team is experienced in creating blue ribbon immersion programs, from an immersion strand within a school building to an entire framework for a stand-alone program, from the ground up and incorporating culturally authentic curriculum, cultural relevancy, authentic linguistic models and native speakers, and a platform for the development of a deep understanding of culture through the integration of music, language and the arts.

Additional services and expertise that GINC, (Global Immersion Network Consultants) brings to the table are training opportunities and professional development for ESSA (English/Spanish/French), English Language Learners (ELL), Bilingual Education, Global Education, Diversity and many other services as well.  Also, GINC has in depth experience and expertise in the connection between K-12 and higher education, in order to better prepare younger students for success in college and university settings. Finally, GINC also brings a proven background in developing occupational programs to prepare a strong and productive work force.


Product Analysis

GINC provides cultural and linguistic testing and analysis for branding, product development and messaging. Authenticity and relevance can mean the difference between success and failure in a global marketplace that demands depth and nuance in affirming the cultural identities of potential audiences.

Immersion Programming

GINC has more than 25 years of expertise working in Immersion programming design in the languages of Spanish, French and Mandarin. We provide a blue ribbon Immersion program for Prek-12 pathways, founded on research, best practices, standards, cultural relevancy and high lever strategies engaging students in rigor and metacognition.

Language Acquisition Design trainings

Language Acquisition Design is a framework that is founded on research and best practices as well as a federally recognized program that engages the metacognition of all students from gifted, EL, at risk and special needs in the areas of high lever strategies, scaffolds, gradual release. In addition, the culturally and linguistically responsive instruction components of learning are embedded in the LAD framework as well. The LAD model explicitly teaches linguistic structures that allow for diverse learners to engage in cognitive and content rich dialog, reducing the need for external interventions. The framework provides teachers with a variety of instructional strategies that can be integrated with any curriculum in any subject area, magnet framework or targeted language, providing opportunities for all learner’s access to grade-level content.


As school districts struggle to implement the following provisions under ESSA, GINC consultants can support and help school leaders sort through the complexities and provide targeted support, strategy development and guidance.


Provision specifically for EL students:


1. Increase English Language proficiency by providing effective languages instruction educational programs.


2. Provide effective professional development to teachers, principals, administrators and other school or community.


3. Provide and implement other effective activities and strategies that enhance or supplement language instruction educational programs.

English Learners / Emergent Bilinguals

Emergent Bilinguals are students who enter educational systems with a home language other than the language of instruction at school. In the United States, we tend to refer to these students as “English learners,” when in fact; many students come to school needing instruction in academic reading, writing, listening and speaking in English, whether or not they are native speakers.  Because of conflict and economic insecurity, emergent bilinguals are a growth population within public schools worldwide. Language acquisition takes time, but it need not prohibit the delivery of grade-level appropriate content. Learning can be accelerated using specific strategies and feedback to make content accessible and to support students in making meaning and communicating their understanding. The GINC team and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in the practical application of language assessment (WIDA), effective instructional strategies, professional development (Sheltered Instruction, LAD) and language development program design for embedding linguistic and cultural support into classroom practices.

Global Education

Globalization, changing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key driving forces of the future.  Through education, cultural training, human capital support, and cultural competence GINC (Global Immersion Network Consultants) will expand access for its clients and constituents to local, national, and international opportunities for global learning.

GINC will meet the needs of diverse organizations, and embed international perspectives for student learning.  The staff is prepared to embrace the challenges and seize the opportunities to integrate global themes across disciplinary domains, focusing on immersion programs, professional development, and world languages, which are critical elements to global competency.   As industry places emphasis on global education, innovation, diversity, and inclusion, GINC is prepared to provide the training, and support global learning experiences in the local and global community, which is needed for our global markets.

Higher Education

GINC’s resources include over 40 years of experience in teaching, curriculum development, partnership cultivation, and administrative leadership in higher education (community college – university).  The GINC team supports and values higher levels of education for students completing Pre-Kindergarten – 12h grade. Our strategies and programming provide opportunities for linguistically and culturally diverse students to succeed and complete each educational level through secondary education and to continue their studies at the postsecondary education level. Workers with at least some postsecondary education now comprise 65% of total employment after the great recession, which decimated low-skill, blue-collar and clerical jobs. The recovery added primarily high skill management and professional jobs. Over 95% of jobs created during the recovery have gone to workers with at least some college education. According to a 2016 report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, “There are now fewer pathways to the middle class for those with less education and this will continue to reshape the labor market and American culture as we know it.” GINC’s expertise offers motivational approaches for accelerating high school progress through both a secondary diploma, as well as college-level awards for in-demand professions and technical occupations.


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To revolutionize learning, language acquisition, leadership development, literacy, and the attainment of advanced workforce skills for a global society.


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